Win-Win-Win for Industry, Customer and the Environment

Ian Moyse, Cloud Thought Leader

Huawei continues to innovate and spread the word of tech for good and in its recent Innovation Week of Win- Win, it focused on how the industry and customer can both achieve a win/win together that positively impacts the environment and the good of the community.

From the breadth of sessions, I would suggest this is a win-win-win for end customers, partners/carriers and Huawei itself as it make a further step forward on its commitment to faster innovation, integrations across key technology stacks of telecoms, cloud, AI and more and commitment to a greener delivery across all of its offerings.

Innovation is key in today’s competitive economy and radical business advantage can be gained through utilisation of technology edging. Huawei went to great lengths to endorse this, but that it does not need to come at the cost of the environment and that innovation is possible in a responsible green manner. Huawei is part of China’s expectation to reduce carbon emissions from energy intensive industries by 12-22% by 2030 through use of innovation bought by digital technologies.

Opportunity for Innovation is endless and the speed of delivery of new cloud, communications and AI solutions is accelerating. Digital, intelligent, & service-oriented Cloud-Networks are accelerating the digital transformation across a broad range of industries. These digital technology advances are changing the way we work, educate and live and empowering the business and consumer user in affordable ways to change the ‘how and what’ we do.

The empowerment bought by these new technological developments and models are driving economic growth and new agendas across the globe. Huawei has firmly taken a stand to not only bring greener ICT to the masses, but to also be responsible to make its own internal operating model greener, driving reduced carbon footprints by example and from the cores of ICT infrastructure.

Huawei over its 3 day Win-Win event again defined a firm plan of strategy ad technological delivery that will support its customers and partners to continue on the path to delivering the industry steps needed in a highly competitive and green demanding world.

Huawei as a telecommunications provider brings carriers flexible models including jointly operated cloud, direct purchase and resell which include cloud applications addressing the needs across a variety of industries. Carriers need a faster way to monetarise their networks and Huawei cloud and networks is focusing on enabling this for carriers, enabling faster market delivery to both B2B and consumer customers as well as enabling service innovation, efficiency and agility.

Migrating 4g user bases to 5g is critical for carriers and Huawei’s increased 5G focused announcements underpin a promise to enable carriers to achieve twice as fast user conversation in this space. Alongside the strategic models played out at ‘Huawei Win-Win’ was a firm technological step towards 5.5G by 2025. Huawei laid out six key new features here of ;

  1. A 10 G/bit user experience
  2. Going Beyond just connectivity
  3. Diversified App delivery
  4. Data Centric Storage
  5. Full Stack AI
  6. Energy Efficiency Gains

The likes of 5G and its successors means that data volumes in telecommunications will continue to grow exponentially and, in a business, as usual scenario, energy consumption alongside this will also explode in the coming years.

Huawei continued to define plans to help operators systematically drive improved network energy efficiency and to help them build green networks that will address both traffic growth in parallel with reduction of carbon emissions. This will come from a mix of more integrated at site equipment. as well as new materials and designs enabling fully outdoor locating and increased energy efficiency and renewable energy utilisation. Adding to this with all-optical, simplified and intelligent network architectures will compound energy efficiencies.

Huawei’s message was strong and clear; there is conflict between the drive for more data and less energy and that the two cannot be considered separately, they are inherently and IMPORTANTLY linked and carriers and technology users have combined responsibility to advocate greener solutions as they grow their digital transformation initiatives.

Carriers are at a critical stage where they need to transform into having efficient and agile technology platforms in order to stay competitive and to target new markets and achieve growth. Simply having new offerings such as 5G is not enough. The speed of delivery, efficiency and connectivity integrations with other key technologies such as cloud and AI are critical differentiators if value is to be derived for the customer and carrier from the transformation. 

Huawei is firmly behind the need for carriers to move in a big way to the cloud, displacing old legacy models and technology and investing and transforming to models and ICT that enables them to serve the customer demands now and for the decade ahead. Huawei is offering ‘Huawei Cloud’ with specific focus on the needs for carriers; through cloud consulting and cloud migrations and assessment services and cloud expertise / services around the world to support carriers’ journeys.

It shall be interesting to see how carriers react to the plethora of cloud options available to them from the more generic AWS and Azure platforms through to specialised focused offerings such as on offer from Huawei.  Huawei has the advantage to be able to combine their cloud offering with embedded integrations to their telecom’s infrastructures and with specific alignments and understandings of the carrier base, however the cloud powerhouses continue to target the carriers as a key growth market.

Huawei laid out firm and bold statements of commitment to innovation, partnership and green delivery, a consistent message from it for the past few years.

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