Cloud Migration for Small Business: What, Why and How

For the majority of small businesses, cloud-based solutions will be a preferred option, because they offer far more upsides than possible downsides. However, no solution is right for every customer in every scenario in every geography. No system ever has been— or we would all drive the same cars, use the same smartphones and have the same applications……

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‘Tap’ping The Gaps Of Digital Transformation

(Why aggregating data from everywhere to anywhere is key) Ian Moyse, Cloud Industry Thought Leader & Social Influencer Digital transformation is difficult enough encompassing changes in platform, vendor, processes, skills, data stores and more. Additionally, the complexity of securing and monitoring this changed environment, in combination with the traditional systems already in place, often results […]

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The 20/20 Vision Of Cloud

2020 is the year when cloud computing came into its own as the enabler to Work From Home. Cloud has its pros and cons as for any technology, but witness some of the its successes in 2020’s Covid period. What will this mean to digital transformation and disruption for 2020 and ahead?

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