Cloud Migration for Small Business: What, Why and How

For the majority of small businesses, cloud-based solutions will be a preferred option, because they offer far more upsides than possible downsides. However, no solution is right for every customer in every scenario in every geography. No system ever has been— or we would all drive the same cars, use the same smartphones and have the same applications……


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How Do You Get A Salesforce 360° View Of Mobile (Cell) Phone Activities ?

In today’s business world who does not have a mobile/cell phone?  Whether it be a company provided device or increasingly a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) own users phone being used. Either way this poses a challenge for businesses relying increasingly on data insights and technologies such as CRM to power their business success. Of […]

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‘The Fone & The Furious’

Ian Moyse, Cloud Industry Thought Leader & Cloud Sales Director at Natterbox A decade ago, smartphones did not exist; 14 years ago Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter were not thought of;  only 3 decades ago no one had a personal computer. Today we live amongst rapidly accelerating advancements. As each generation of technology is improved, […]

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