0G (Oh Gee) to 5G – Why 5G is the Emotional Bandwidth

Ian Moyse, Industry Cloud Influencer & Board Member Cloud Industry Forum I had the pleasure of a personal invitation to an executive pre-briefing from Huawei recently for its 5G announcements for 2020. A large and excited audience were present despite the Corona challenges facing China and the hyped consumer confusion around 5G. My eyes were opened to […]


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How Do You Get A Salesforce 360° View Of Mobile (Cell) Phone Activities ?

In today’s business world who does not have a mobile/cell phone?  Whether it be a company provided device or increasingly a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) own users phone being used. Either way this poses a challenge for businesses relying increasingly on data insights and technologies such as CRM to power their business success. Of […]

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‘The Fone & The Furious’

Ian Moyse, Cloud Industry Thought Leader & Cloud Sales Director at Natterbox A decade ago, smartphones did not exist; 14 years ago Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter were not thought of;  only 3 decades ago no one had a personal computer. Today we live amongst rapidly accelerating advancements. As each generation of technology is improved, […]

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