Win-Win-Win for Industry, Customer and the Environment

Ian Moyse, Cloud Thought Leader Huawei continues to innovate and spread the word of tech for good and in its recent Innovation Week of Win- Win, it focused on how the industry and customer can both achieve a win/win together that positively impacts the environment and the good of the community. From the breadth of […]


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Four Ways Cloud-based Solutions Benefit Small Businesses

Cloud-based solutions have already become an everyday part of our lives. We use cloud applications at every turn, often without even realising it. We may use an application on our computer or phone, and not think or care that the reason it works is because it’s operating in the cloud (e.g., Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Shazam, Slack, etc.). In the same way, cloud-based applications may be brought into a small business, often without the user realising it. But, one thing is clear: users and the company they work for benefit tremendously from the hidden value the cloud brings. The cloud model is a stronger, more flexible, and commercially-beneficial way for a small business to access a business technology, function, or service.

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‘Tap’ping The Gaps Of Digital Transformation

(Why aggregating data from everywhere to anywhere is key) Ian Moyse, Cloud Industry Thought Leader & Social Influencer Digital transformation is difficult enough encompassing changes in platform, vendor, processes, skills, data stores and more. Additionally, the complexity of securing and monitoring this changed environment, in combination with the traditional systems already in place, often results […]

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Our Robot Friend …. or Foe ?

AI by many is expected to bring fear and negative impact, to replace the human in many job of today and to make others lazy where affordability allows them to have machines do mundane and boring tasks for them. As the human form strives forwards for an easier more productive life AI will invariably continue to invade, be it under the cover guise of other non-AI labelled devices.

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